About Preston Centre Pediatrics

We were founded in 1990 on the principle that children should receive attentive care by their own pediatrician who is personally responsible for their health and well-being. We will never forget how critical our duty is to the responsible healthcare management entrusted to us. Our small, dedicated office staff promptly answers all incoming calls during office hours and directly responds to administrative or medical questions or provides contact with the doctor. Patients (or their parents) contact our pediatricians after hours by selecting option 2 for transfer to the on-call physician’s mobile phone to enable timely advice or personal management whether in the office or at a local ER. Home visits may also be available.

Our Practice Philosophy

Our collective purpose at Preston Centre Pediatrics is to provide quality, comprehensive, courteous, and timely care to the infants, children and adolescents whom we serve. We strive to provide excellence in availability, diagnostic evaluation, education, treatment and advice to those children who are patients of record by their choice or that of their parents or guardians. We share with you, the parents of our little ones and our adult patients, the stewardship of each patient’s health.  Our pediatricians focus their attention on the whole child and dedicate this attention to each patient individually and as part of a family. We believe that growing and developing children best achieve health and wellness through their family lifestyle choices (proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and education) rather than interventions and/or medications as a first option.

Why We Are Unique

We have eliminated the intrusion of managed care insurance into the Doctor/Patient relationship. Our traditional fee-for-service office is not controlled by the stipulations of insurance contracts and thus our pediatricians are free to provide care based on the established standards of pediatric practice and not limit or alter this care by insurance oversight or regulation except to minimize out of pocket expenses when possible. Preventive health check-ups and same day urgent visits are scheduled with ample time for our pediatricians to listen and understand your concerns and formulate individual care treatment plans and goals.  We provide claim forms to guarantors to file on their own for reimbursement and our fees are fair and reasonable – not inflated to accommodate a forced insurance discount.